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We want to facilitate collaborations between Sense-Makers and Digital Creatives to distill complex issues into palatable morsels of digital content. Eventualy we want a hub where any brave soul can connect with their kindred spirit from the other side of the talent pool and embark on missions of epic sense-making.



STart a MIssion

Below are some source material to get the ball rolling. Don’t see anything that excites you? Then let us know if you know of an article, presentation, report or data set that you think should be included.
Check back as we’re working to increase this list.

Social Media Law - 10 social media myths

Sense-Maker: Deborah Gonzalez (Law2SM)

Social media platforms, smart phones, tablets, and applications are changing the way we conduct business and interact socially with friends, family, and colleagues. Today, discussions involving Facebook®, Android®, Words with Friends® and Angry Birds® are common. But it is not all fun and games. The financial payouts and consequences of social media for those involved, including vendors, developers, and clients, are becoming more apparent. New cases emphasizing social media mistakes costing reputations, resources, and jobs are becoming just as common as new releases of applications and putting everyone on alert.

Areas of Interest: Social Media, Law

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Free speech: Snyder vs. Phelps paper

Sense-Makers: John C. Schoen, Edward J. Schoen


The purposes of this article are threefold: to examine the Supreme Court decision in Snyder, a cornucopia of classic First Amendment principles and cases, to highlight how it clarifies the Falwell rule providing First Amendment protection to political satire and parody, and to scrutinize the careful and well planned and executed protests of the Westboro Baptist Church, which in large part dictated the outcome of the case but diminished its importance as precedent.

Areas of Interest:First Amendment, Political Satire

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Savannah Harbor Deepening

Sense-Makers: Various news sources


The effort to deepen Savannah's harbor has been a contentious issue for a while. The attached summarizes notes from various newspaper articles trying to explain what the construction would mean for Savannah's economy and wildlife.

Areas of Interest:Public Policy, Environment

Download Notes (Word doc)
Anti-biotics Misuse in our Food Supply

Sense-Maker: Maryn McKenna


This is a series of articles from Wired Science journalist and author Maryn McKenna, dealing with the emergence of drug resistant bacteria evolving from food stock injected with anti-biotics. She has also expressed interest in collaborating with an illustrator on a graphic novel based on these articles.

Areas of Interest: Agriculture, Science, Food, Bacteria

Article 1: Also Receiving Antibiotics on Factory Farms: Shrimp

Article 2: ‘Pig MRSA’ Came From Humans, Evolved Via Farm Drugs

Article 3: Turning grief into action: Moms and antibiotic misuse

Article 4: Drug-Resistant Bacteria: To Humans From Farms via Food

Anti-biotics Resistance

Sense-Maker: Maryn McKenna


This is a Q&A with Maryn around the topic of drug-resistant bacteria, the audio from which would make a really cool motion infographic.

Areas of Interest: Agriculture, Science, Food, Bacteria

Click to listen to the interview

Homeless Youth

Sense-Maker: Clay Duda



"Just like everyone, his story is unique, but his tales of foster care, abuse and ultimate freedom are a glimpse into a culture existing on the fringes of society, rarely seen by the general public. Trash and many others like him have no home, yet they call home the hundreds of thousands of miles of railroad that cross the country, the rail cars that bump along the tracks and the expansive yards of gravel and steel found in nearly every American city."

Areas of Interest: Homelessness, Youth

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Immigrant Youth

Sense-Maker: The Jouvenile Justice Information Exchange



"What a lot of people don’t know too much about, however, is the impact growing anti-immigration sentiment and the passage of severe, some would say, draconian anti-immigration laws have on families, especially their children. News outlets have told these stories before, gotten below the surface of the debates, to show the struggle of good, law-abiding, hard-working families faced with deportation and an end to a life they have know for many years. Today, JJIE goes a step further by giving you the voices of three Georgia college students who, though they have lived in the country many years and are ambitious, stellar students, have a hint of a Georgia twang, root for the Georgia Bulldogs, or the Atlanta Falcons, are subject to deportation because they entered this country illegally, as children."

Areas of Interest:Immigration, Youth

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